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The Heidelberg Inn

June Lake, California


This site is owned and administered by the Heidelberg Inn Timeshare Homeowners Association.  Our goal for this site is to serve all owners and guests with accurate and current information.  Please click on one of the tabs on this page to assist in providing you with general information or to answer any of your questions.  Vacations are meant to be a special experience for the entire family.  We feel that the best way to start a vacation is to be informed by the people closest to the resort, the owners themselves.

Our History

The Heidelberg Inn was opened in 1927 as the June Lodge, a mountain retreat hunting lodge with 46 rooms and European style shared bathrooms.  The hotel featured nightly meals in the dining room and after-hours card games and libations in its tavern.  This location became the place to stay for some of the most famous movie stars of the silver screen era.  Clark Gable, Betty Grable and Charlie Chaplin were noted visitors, and photos of these “good old days” are displayed in the lobby.  In the early 1980s, the resort was converted to 24 condo type units with the option of one or two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living/dining room and a private bathroom.  Part of the original building is the famous four-sided stone fireplace with the signature eight-foot California Grizzly Bear standing on top.

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